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Cassia Tora Seeds

Cassia tora has many uses. The plant and seeds are edible. The edible part of the plant varies from 30 to 40 percent. Young leaves can be cooked as a vegetable while the roasted seeds are a good substitute for coffee. It is used as a natural pesticide in organic farms and its powder is most commonly used in the pet food industry. Alternatively, it is mixed with guar gum for use in mining and other industrial applications. The seeds and leaves are also used to treat skin disease and its seeds can be utilized as a laxative. This weed could also become a reliable cheap source of nutritious feed for Ctenopharyngodon Idella, a fast-growing exotic carp. Cassia tora tea is a herbal, pure, natural and non-polluted green health beverage. In the Republic of Korea, it is believed to rejuvenate human vision. Additionally, the tea has created a new term “coffee-tea”, because of its mysterious but very rich taste and its coffee aroma. It is made from 100 percent Cassia tora, with no artificial coloring and no caffeine, and could be a healthier substitute for coffee and sodas. Since Cassia tora has an external germicide and antiphrastic character, it has been used for treating skin diseases such as leprosy, ringworm, itching and psoriasis and also for snakebites. Other medicinal provisions from plant parts include balm for arthritis using leaves of Cassia tora. Nutritional Information A natural gelling agent that has industrial and food benefits is made from the seed. The primary chemical constituents of the seed include cinnamaldehyde, gum, tannins, mannitol, coumarins and essential oils (aldehydes, eugenol, and pinene). The seeds also contain sugars, resins, and mucilage, among other elements.


Type Cassia Tora Seeds
Application Cosmetic, Medicine
Cultivation Type Organic
Shelf Life 1 Year
Color Brown
Form Seed
Drying Process Natural Dry
Packaging size 1kg, 25kg, 30kg, 500gm750gm
Packgaing Loose, Plastic Box